WordPress Auto XFN-ify v1.2: unauthorized update

Update (Dec 8, 2009): The author of this plugin released his official Auto XFN-ify 1.2 update which includes my updates.

I noticed a link to my dad’s site was missing the XFN Parent icon. Looking at the code I saw references to xfn-parent.png, xfn-child.png, and xfn-spouse.png, but those images were missing in version 1.1. After some searching I found this guy’s site. I don’t know where he got them from, but on his server he had the missing images!

So, I updated my copy of Auto XFN-ify, and have submitted this update for the original author to review and publish to the WordPress plug-in directory.


  • Added: xfn-child.png, xfn-parent.png, and xfn-spouse.png!
  • Corrected: the path the xfn-me.png icon.
  • Revised: the version number in the .php file to version 1.2.

I tested it on my WordPress 2.7.1 blog and it works as expected. Enjoy! 🙂

Download: Auto XFN-ify v1.2 (unauthorized update)

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