Arcade Trip Horror Story!

So there is an arcade collector I know and his name is Jeff Rothe. Recently he planned a very full weekend of picking up and delivering arcade games spanning from his home in Indiana to St Louis to Chicago and home.

Apparently it was one of those trips where anything and everything went wrong… and then some! Well, short of destroying the games. So much happened over this weekend, that his story took 5 posts to complete!

This is my attempt to summarize Jeff’s odyssey into a list of events.

Day 1

  • Borrow pickup from friend.
  • Discover GPS missing adaptor.
  • Baby screams for 30 minutes.
  • (Missed exits * 2) + heavy construction = 12 miles off course, extra tolls, gas is low.
  • Drop wife and baby off with family.
  • Have dinner, drink beer, and play games with friends till 1am.

Day 2

  • Wake up at 7am.
  • Load game into truck.
  • Eat toast.
  • Drive to St. Louis.
  • Drop off game (Rip Off), and take another game (HUO Pengo).
  • Forget to eat more than toast.
  • Head home.
  • Forget to charge cell phone.

Day 3

  • Eat breakfast.
  • Attempt to repair monitor on Pengo, while waiting for wife’s phone call.
  • Discover phone is dead and has 5 messages!
  • Ignore messages and call wife.
  • Wife says family dog is suddenly very ill.
  • Shrink wrap games (due to forecast of rain).
  • Wedge 2 games in truck bed.
  • Wife calls, dog has cancer and has to be put to sleep.
  • Leave to deliver games, and pickup wife and baby on the way.
  • Met up with grandpa, wife, and baby at gas station.
  • Truck doesn’t start! (Only has 4,000 miles?!?!)
  • Called truck owner; he tells Jeff his car hit a deer, and he needs his truck back!!!
  • Out of diapers, now have to find a store.
  • Grandpa becoming increasingly late to work!
  • Wait for tow truck in rain.
  • Get tow to nearest dealership, arriving just at closing time.
  • Stay night in hotel.

Day 4

  • Dealership says problem is aftermarket A/C.
  • No parts till end of week!
  • Disabled A/C instead.
  • Rain came down on the way home.
  • Games may have some minor rain damage. 🙁

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