Garage Monitor Remote Requests

I have added a wish list item to my My Raspberry Pi Garage Monitor. I added the ability for users to be able to issue requests from buttons on the Status Page. The first button issues a “Status Refresh” request.

Garage Monitor Status Page

Action Request Web Service

For safety I decided not to make the Pi accessible to the Internet, so I setup a second web service. The button submits a form which stores the request in a file. A web service which reads that file is queried by the Raspberry Pi every so often. Right now I have setup to query the service every 60 seconds.

Future Expandability

I may add the ability to close the garage door on the Open Status Page. However, there are some issues to consider.

  1. We do not want the web service to be able to open the door. (For safety reasons.)
  2. The door could be closed remotely while someone is backing out of the garage. (For example, my wife checks the status at work and closes the door while I am backing my car out.)

Does anyone have any other ideas?

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