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San Diego Parts Stores

  • Radio Shack
    I just visited the Radio Shack in Santee and they have genuine Arduino UNO ($35), Arduino Mega ($65), Motor Control Shield ($35), Ultrasonic Distance Sensor, PIR Motion Sensor, and a decent selection of transistors, resistors, project boxes, breadboards, proto boards, etc. According to their website they have Arduino UNOs in stock at every Radio Shack in my area.
  • Fry’s Electronics
    The Fry’s in Kearney Mesa had OSEPP Arduino-compatible boards, a servo control shield, GPS Module, Ultrasonic Distance Sensor, a large selection of proto boards, breadboards, project boxes, and a good selection of components. Fry’s has a fuller range of Arduino boards from the UNO, MEGA, to the TINY, and even a Bluetooth Arduino board.
  • Willy’s Electronics – Kearney Mesa / National City
    While they don’t have Arduino boards or shields, they have the many of the common components: resistors, transistors, diodes, bread/perf boards, project boxes, tools, power, switches, relays, wires, connectors, etc.
  • California Electronics – El Cajon
    [New & Used Products] They have a decent selection of both new and used components.
  • Murphy’s Surplus – El Cajon
    [Used Products] This place is more for industrial surplus equipment. They dont’ sell electronics parts, so you’d have to be looking for a device to tear apart and hack.

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