Favorite Christmas Gaming Memory

This story is inspired by the Gameroom Junkies call to action on Facebook this morning. So, here is the story I shared with them.

My fondest Christmas gaming memory is the morning a computer desk and Atari 520 ST mysteriously appeared in our living room overnight!

It was our 2nd computer, we had gotten a Vic 20 a couple of Christmases before. While I have vague memories of typing seemingly random symbols to run games off of a cassette tape. I remember very clearly sitting in a chair next to my dad on Christmas morning and playing King’s Quest II together.

This was my first social gaming experience. My mom, dad, sister, and I would all crowd around that 12 inch color monitor. My dad would control King Graham while we all suggested what we should do next. I remember being really startled the first time that witch from the cave appeared. That spooky tune is stuck in my head to this day! 🙂

Audio Source: VGMPF

Happy Holidays!