My Path to iPad Devlopment

Waiting for an excuse to learn

I have been wanting to learn to develop for mobile devices since I got my first Windows Mobile phone six years ago. At the time my attention was occupied with the impending birth of my first son, and the traumatic transition from working life1 to becoming a stay-at-home parent.

I want an iPhone… never mind, I want a Droid!

Two years ago my wife and I were wanting to treat ourselves to iPhones… then Verizon launched the Motorola Droid.2 By this time our second son was 1-year-old and I was too busy raising two young boys.

The path to an iPad (and to an iPhone for the wife).

This summer, Google launched the “Honeycomb” version of Android meant for Tablet devices.3 Although I had trouble justifying why I needed one, I bought an Android tablet. I found it quite handy and my 5-year-old, my wife, and I all got addicted to playing Plants vs Zombies. It was clear we needed a second tablet. To justify buying an iPad we did some research and found a bunch of nice educational apps/games for our boys to play and learn at the same time… oh and PvZ was available on the iPad as well. My wife enjoyed the iPad enough that she traded her Droid for an iPhone 4S.

An opportunity appears.

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Played a couple of games pinball today

A couple of months ago I shorted a switch to a coil on Medieval Madness killing multiple components. I spent several weeks following the troubleshooting guide (“Check Fuse F106/F101“)Β and replacing almost every recommended part without fixing the problem. Every time I have thought about playing pinball since then, I’d look over at Medieval Madness and feel too guilty to play another machine.

This week I handed my game boards over to Pat at Endless Pinball for some professional troubleshooting. Now that the guilt has lifted I played a couple of games on Pirates of the Caribbean at home this morning. πŸ™‚

Arcade Trip Horror Story!

So there is an arcade collector I know and his name is Jeff Rothe. Recently he planned a very full weekend of picking up and delivering arcade games spanning from his home in Indiana to St Louis to Chicago and home.

Apparently it was one of those trips where anything and everything went wrong… and then some! Well, short of destroying the games. So much happened over this weekend, that his story took 5 posts to complete!

This is my attempt to summarize Jeff’s odyssey into a list of events.

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New Projects: Pac-Man and Space Invaders Deluxe

250741345After my success with bringing a Galaga 3 (Gaplus) cocktail back to life, last month I have been on the hunt for another good deal on a project game. Well, that hunt ended today with the purchase of a Pac-Man (PM) upright. The seller also had a Space Invaders Deluxe that he wanted to get rid of. I didn’t especially want it, but I got it cheap and ended up paying $180 for both. And to top it off, he delivered them to my garage for me! πŸ™‚

The seller said neither game has worked in about 4 years. I tried powering on the Pac-Man and it did nothing. But it was missing a fuse so I expected as much. πŸ˜‰ I haven’t tried powering up the Space Invaders Deluxe yet, but by the seller’s description it may just play blind.

Upon further inspection, I found an interesting small board hanging inside the cabinet and a bag of parts in the cabinet. As it turns out I got a bonus ABC Diagnostic and Repair Kit from! This is a $100 kit!! The way I figure it, if the kit fixes Pac-Man I essentially got the Pac-Man for $50. πŸ˜‰

250802385Assuming I can get the Space Invaders Deluxe working I am going to need a bezel/marquee glass. If anyone has a source for one, let me know. πŸ™‚

The first name on the TwoBits’ receipt is different than the seller’s. And since the seller said the games were at his mom’s house made me think the games were his dad’s. So I won’t get any more answers out of him about their repair history.

The batteries on my camera died, so I will have to take pictures to share tomorrow. Here are links to the photos.

Album: Pac-Man
Album: Space Invaders Deluxe

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